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 About Auction Crazy 

  Auctions in Newcastle? The choice is easy - Auction Crazy Kotara!
  Are you in the Newcastle or Hunter Valley area?

Are you an insolvency practitioner?

Do you have bankrupt stock to sell?

Do you have a garage full of junk that you need to get rid of?

....or are you just looking for a bargain?

We can help you!

Auction Crazy is Newcastle's first true 21st centruy auction business. We have combined a full service live auction house with a fully integrated online auction service.

We are located in Kotara; a retail centre; right near Westfield.

We will sell just about anything so if you have something to sell, give us a call on 0412 214 922 to discuss your needs.

We service a wide range of users; from the general public who just want to sell household goods, through to insolvency practitioners and business owners who need to liquidate stock and equipment fast.

  National Coverage

Our on-line auction platform gives national coverage for the goods we sell. Our web platform was developed in-house by our experienced web developers.

We have extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization, Facebook marketing and all avenues of online promotion.

This ensures your goods are exposed to the greatest possible audience for the cheapest possible cost.

This is how we keep our auction fees so much lower than our competitors.

If you have bankrupt stock to sell you can trust us to get you the best price.

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